About Skies & Suites

Portrait of Kevin onboard ANA First Class.

Hi, my name is Kevin. Welcome to Skies and Suites! As you may discern from the name, this website will be the home of various flight and hotel reviews. I’ll also be covering other avenues of travel such as dining and excursions; however, the crux of this website will be hotels and flights.

Skies and Suites’ content will gravitate towards aspirational travel experiences as a result of our own personal travel preferences, but that doesn’t mean we only stay at 5-star hotels and never turn right on a plane. I just don’t find it that interesting to write about. With that being said, if I encounter anything that I think will bring value to a discerning traveller, it’ll be written about on this website.

In addition to spewing my thoughts onto a page, I’ll try my best to provide you with as many high quality images as I can within a review.

The founding principles of this website are simple and twofold:

  1. Provide a medium for me to write and review the travels that I go on – most of the time with my P2.
  2. Provide you, the reader, with either entertaining or actionable insight (ideally both!) using a first-hand account of my travel experiences.

On this end, there are three writing pillars that will serve as the guardrails of this entire website:

  • Every piece of content will explain how I managed to find myself in that seat/room/ etc.
  • Any associated brand will hold no editorial purview and thus will not see the content any earlier than when it is made publicly available.
  • If there is any monetary relationship, it will be disclosed clearly and at the top of the page.

Now with that out of the way, welcome to Skies & Suites, I hope you enjoy your stay.

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